How We Work

1 - Find & Purchase Your Design Package

We offer three standard level packages for room design, multi-room, or even entire-home packages. Simply select one or more of our interior design packages.

2 - Your Design

You’ll be contacted by our designer with some questions, so you can tell us more about your home, style and budget, with the option to share any inspiration photos you may have with us.

Your designer will ask for a floor plan with your measurements of the space, so that we can recommended the most accurately-sized furniture for you room.

Alternatively, you can add an in-person consultation where we will create the floor plan for you and measure your space in-person (at an additional cost).

3 - Meet Your Designer

After discussion, our designer will book a video or phone call consultation with you to discuss your project in further detail.

Here, our designer will create mood-boards, colour palette schemes and furniture layouts, with design concepts for you to review and approve.

4 - Fine Tune

The first designs are the starting point. As the project continues, our designer will tweak and perfect your designs to match your desires.

To ensure your satisfaction is met , you’ll be able to keep in contact and up-to-date with your design through email, phone, or WhatsApp.

5 - Final Design

Your final design package will be approved before being finalised. The package will include Moodboards, Furniture Layout Plans, Colour Scheme, and an online shopping list of everything in use in your design.

6 - Shop Your Design

We provide an online shopping list with all the items of furniture, appliances and decor items chosen in your final design. Your shopping is made even easier with embedded and direct links to the online retailer websites.

Packages Outline


£355 Per Room

Perfect for single room or hallway transformations.

When you just need help with colour schemes, furniture layout and refreshing your interior decor.


£585 Per Room

Best choice for open-plan or blank-canvas rooms; Large reception rooms, Bedrooms, or Bathrooms.

Spaces where more detailed design asssistance is required.


£905 Per Room

Ideal for large spaces that require complex designs to maximise space and value.

Best for Kitchen or complex design schemes.

Gives you a full design service with our Top-Tier Build & Design Team.

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