Choosing the Pefect Colours for Your Home

October 12, 2022

Today’s blog post is focused around a regular dilemma clients and home-owners face regularly. How do you put a colour palette together, making a space feel suited to your style yet flows seamlessly throughout the house – mainly to avoid clashes of colour schemes.



First, it is important to take note the difference between palettes of warm and cool tones & colours. Warm colours are basically the yellows, reds and oranges, while blues, greens and purples fall into the cool colour scheme. Of course, it is important to take note of the variations within the colour wheel – for instance plush pink can look peach-like in warm lighting, while magenta maintains more blue hues.



However, its good to start with the obvious basic differences. You may also want to consider your wardrobes when considering a colour palette. Similarly how you match jewellery to your skin tone – the debate between gold & silver – the same applies to your room colour scheme.


If you have warm toned skin, then warm tones like in gold jewellery will suit you more, therefore a warmer colour pallet while suit your style. Whereas is you have cooler tones, when silver suits you better, you may want to consider a cooler colour palette. However, if you land in the neutral space, consider the colour scheme you adopt for yourself- do you wear more creams, or do you lean towards more dark browns/navy shades?



Another thing to remember is matching undertones – when choosing a colour palette, you must make sure your colours have matching undertones. For instance, matching greens and blues won’t pair well with red tones in any room.

Which is why when choosing a colour palette for your room, grab some free paint swatches – lay them out together to see how they compliment each other or how they don’t.



In addition to your complimentary colours, another key affect to your room is the colour of your lighting. You have to take into consideration whether the tones of artificial lighting will compliment the tones of your room, as well as if you have a room which receives a-lot of natural light – how that reflects the tones as well.


While this is useful when considering a palette, usually many people know instinctively what lighting undertones suit the room. As a tip, look at your predominant colours within your room and within your wardrobe, they all should match.



Overall – the key is the pick colours which compliment your personality and style and match those to your rooms. As an extra tip, perhaps take to mood-board’s, like creating one on Pinterest to help organise and focus in your ideas for designing your room.


If you want to go the extra mile for a touch of professionalism, you can even employ an Interior Designer – someone who will take your initial basic ideas and create a finalised vision for you. Consisting on mood-board’s, design pieces and shopping lists for you to choose from to achieve your ideal home or room.

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