Ali’s Modern Makeover – The Marble Bathroom

August 24, 2022

In a previous post, we tackled the design of the bespoke kitchen as part of the Modern Makeover series.


Now, we moved to tackle the main bathroom of the flat, which consisted of white tiles paired with laminate oak flooring. Finished off with an oddly paired white sink cabinet which blocked the toilet if the cabinet doors were open.


This is the smallest room in the flat, the main bathroom. Over the last couple of years it has been severely overlooked due to the nature of its tight spaces.


The décor is outdated to say the least, yet even the smallest of rooms need a revamp. Everything was outdated, so it required a complete strip back to brick before reinstalling a brand new bathroom.



Colour Scheme & Mood Board Design


After much deliberation, we decided on keeping the main walls a off-white colour, making the fixtures; the shower heads, shower screens, taps and flush plates all a charcoal black colour to accent the room.




Flooring & Walls


Unlike the kitchen, we opted for large porcelain tiles to cover the floor, replacing the laminate wood flooring. Consisting of a white background, accented with grey & gold veining throughout the tiles, paired with a gloss finish on-top.


To match the herringbone flooring that was in the kitchen & living room space, we decided to match the wall tiles to have the same pattern, creating consistency and flow between the different rooms. Further adding to the modern statement with the Microline white tile, complete with a gloss finish would ideally create a striking finish to the herringbone design focus.



Relocating – Toilet & Sink


As mentioned, the toilet and sink prior to the project would get in the way of each other, therefore they had to be reconfigured to be accessible at all times in such a confined space.


For the toilet, we chose the Dual Flush Concealed Cistern and Toilet from Arezzo, made to fit into compact spaces. Its contemporary design allowed us to tuck away the pipework into the boxing.


When it came to the cabinet, the Brooklyn Avola Wall Hung Vanity Unit was chosen to complete the chosen modern theme of the flat. The texture of the wood matches the herringbone wooden flooring that runs through the rest of the property. It also adds some nice warmth the the neutral coloured bathroom.


The bath panelling was made to also match the cabinet wooden pattern…



Bath & Shower


Now for the bath and shower, we debated removing the bath completely from the bathroom to have more space to work with. However, since the property was being sold on, it would mean young start-off families wouldn’t see the property as family-friendly without the bath-tub.


So, we kept the bath and added a detachable and overhead shower, a sleek matte black, completed with a panelled shower screen.


The bath taps were placed on the other wall beside the shower, to prevent individuals have to lean over to awkwardly reach around the shower screen to run a hot-bath.






Now finished, you can see the pieces all come together to create a uniform and sleek modern bathroom. The marble textured flooring gives it sleek finish and accented with the the black fixtures of the bathroom.


For such a small room, we found a way to maximise the space while making it completely accessible and family friendly.




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