Ali’s Modern Makeover – The Bespoke Kitchen

August 17, 2022

Over in a small flat in the South East of London, there was a flat that had remained untouched for 20+ years. We were in the midst of planning a full design and build refurbishment.


So, we decided to remove walls, floors, plaster, tiling – all to strip back the flat to its bare brick walls and start fresh.


So, the new main feature of the flat refurbishment is creating a new bespoke open-plan kitchen. In order to maximise the space of the flat, we created some moodboards to assist in the design process.


Originally, the kitchen was a separate room to the living and dinning room, however we planned to remove the wall the separated the two rooms to make it an open-plan layout so it blends seamlessly together.



Colour Scheme & Moodboard Design

We took to the neutral cool colour palette for the kitchen; a cool off-white with hints of blue to blend well with the kitchen countertops and cupboards. The cabinets will be a cool ; lovely neutral greys but not too dark.


To match the colour palette that was chosen, we decided on herringbone flooring to be installed in the entire room, since it suits the style of an open-plan room, therefore the pattern can be better appreciated.






The material for the countertops were to match the modern sleek style of the flat, therefore marble was instantly removed from the equation. Purely based on the grey and dark veining that typically runs through white marble, which would make the kitchen seem even darker with the grey cabinets.


Therefore, instead, we chose polished stone composite to achieve the pure Artic White finish. Being a durable material, it becomes a smart investment for longevity in the years to come.


Also, countertops would provide a stunning contrast; being a pure white. The fixtures will accent the rooms being an aluminium silver colour. These countertops are suited to our design idea of sleek minimalism, a clean aesthetic that softens the darker appearance of the cabinets and cupboards.


An induction hob was added to be integrated into the worktops, maintaining the clean lines and offering a sleek finish on-top of the composite white stone.




Cabinets & Cupboards


Instantly we wanted to integrate the kitchen appliances into the kitchen cupboards; the fridge freezer, microwave, oven, dishwasher and washing machine. Including the boiler being hidden away in a larger cupboard to finish off the seamless look.



The main benefit of integrating all the appliances is to save space, due to the small space of the room, these are particularly effective due to the limitations of floor and surface space.


Also, atheistically, having integrated appliances continue the sleek and modern appeal, just further adding to the clean finish across the entire layout.





Once installed and completed, we had achieved a whole room transformation to create a brand new updated kitchen.


A sleek and modern finish was achieved to our satisfaction and ready for any new starting families or young couples to utilise.



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