3 Top Tips to Help You Plan a New Space

November 14, 2022

If you’re renovated or refurbishment it can become extremely hard to visualise and plan a new space for your home. A lot of people are visually stimulated, meaning that when you look at a room, it’s difficult to mentally map out and re-write the visual that you’re currently seeing.

As any professional will tell you, it is extremely gratifying to be involved in the planning and design of a clients dream home from the very beginning and seeing it through to completion.

Therefore, we’ve outlined our three top tips to help you visualise and plan a space so that when you’re considering creating a new space in your renovation, you can get started on the right path.


1. Establish an Aesthetic & Vision

When you’re planning a room in your house, any room, you have to be able visualise the function of that space. What is it going to be used for? How are you spending your time in this room? What aesthetic are you aiming towards?

For example, are you looking to enjoy a view from your kitchen sink or snuggling up in your new snook. Or do you enjoy a log wood fire, especially in the winter months. Assigning a function to your room is crucial first, then everything will fit in better afterwards.


After discovering the room’s function, select an aesthetic, are you modern? Contemporary? Contemporary? Something that fits the existing aesthetics of the house as well as your personality. If it helps, note it down, make a list or an entry in your phone or journal about what you want to experience in each area of your home. Don’t try to zone in on the small details, rather the foundations of what purpose you want to room to serve you and how you want your home to feel to not only yourself but anyone else.


2. Create a Mood-Board

Once you’re nailed down the function and purpose of your rooms, you can move on to create mood boards or collecting inspiration images. You can use social media to browse examples of what other people have done with their homes or find out the latest trends. Creating mood boards allows your brain to begin to visualise what your new home could potentially look like.

Once you’ve collected all the images you want and created as many mood-boards as you want, you can go to your professional builder and designer to take those images a curate an actual design plan that envisions what you want.


3. Plan, Plan, Plan…

Planning is EVERYTHING, following all the inspirational steps, you’re finally at the point of where you can put pen to paper and draft up plans with the build and design team you’ve enlisted into a hard-copy plan.

By engaging with an architect or a company like P&A Design and Build who can work with you to create plans for your specific property. You may want to create plans to extend and create a bigger space for you home. Or you just simply want help in piecing things together into a fully formed design that can be put to work.

Companies like us will consult you in your inspiration and motivations in redesigning your new room or home. It also helps to utilise your budget without letting money go to waste or blowing your budget out of the water.


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